Meet the people behind the projects, who are working hard to make TalTech IVAR a reality.

Leading Team

  • Prof. Vladimir Kuts

    Head of the Laboratory

  • Prof. Tauno Otto

    Industry 4.0 Research Group Leader

Core Team

  • Dr. Kashif Mahmood

    Simulations Engineer

  • Simone Pizzagalli, PhD candidate

    VR/AR Interfaces, Human-Robot Interaction Research

  • Yevhen Bondarenko, PhD Candidate

    Brain-Computer Interface, VR, AR

  • Margus Müür, MSc

    Robotics Engineer

  • Ivan Symotiuk, BSc Student

    Application Development, VR, AR

  • Rostyslav Boychuk, BSc Student

    Application Development, VR, AR

  • Dr. Martinš Sarkans

    Senior Researcher, Industrial Robotics

  • Daniil Rõbnikov

    Application Development, Natural language processing

TalTech Virumaa College Division

  • Karle Nutonen, PhD Candidate

    Machine learning, AI and Virtual Reality

  • Vjatšeslav Kekšin, PhD Candidate

    Industrial Robotics

  • Sergei Pavlov

    Industrial automation

IVAR Laboratory Advisors

  • Dr. Marco Sacco, EuroVR president

    Head of Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Application division at CNR-STIIMA (Italy)

  • Dr. Aleksei Tepljakov

    Head of Re:creation Laboratory (TalTech, Estonia)

  • Prof. Anton Rassõlkin

    Professor of Mechatronics (TalTech, Estonia)

  • Dr. Helena Gapeyeva, MD

    PRM Physician, East Tallinn Central Hospital (Estonia)

  • Dr. Niall Murray

    Founder and Principal Investigator of Truly Immersive and Interactive Multimedia Experiences (TIIMEx), Athlone Institute of Technology (Ireland)

  • Dr. Jeremy Marvel

    Computer Scientist and Project Leader on Human-Robot Interactions topic at the NIST (USA)

  • Dr. Kaj Helin

    XR for Space - VTT (Finland)

  • Prof. Eoin O’Connell

    Telecommunications, Smart Manufacturing - University of Limerick (Ireland)